1. P

    Pickering Ajax Border in the GTA

    Good morning ladies and gents
  2. Gundy

    Four Seasons of Oakville 2017

    Oakville, Ontario, Canada Mid Winter, 2017: Spring flooding: Late summer morning: Autumn:
  3. Gundy

    Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

    One of the most beautiful place in Ontario for sure!
  4. Gundy

    Bayfront Park, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

    Paid a visit to HMS Haida with my Mavic, one of the famous Tribal Class Destroyer.
  5. Gundy

    Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada

    This is the biggest island among the 1000 Islands area. The footage was taken during my trip to Ottawa. This island is not a tourist attraction and has minimal population, thus nobody will be bothering you. Def one of my favorite spot for flying.
  6. Gundy

    Sunday flight, Scarborough, Ontario

    Still green at editing. At least it's in 4K though!
  7. Gundy

    Oakville, Ontario, Canada

    A small town south of Toronto, where I currently live in. Haven't run into trouble yet after the new drone law. Hopefully 4K works this time.
  8. Belleville, Ontario Sunset Panorama

    Belleville, Ontario Sunset Panorama

  9. B

    Phantom 4 battery for sale

    I just got a Phantom 3 Standard and ordered a 2nd battery from DJI but the battery that came is a Phantom 4 battery. Emailed DJI and they said to get the battery back to them within 3 days or they wouldn't give me a refund. Now that would have cost me a little over $100 to ship from where I am...
  10. P

    The Unstable Cliffs of the Scarborough Bluffs

    Please, be safe out there. Cheers!
  11. Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada - Sunset over Green Island

    Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada - Sunset over Green Island

    Here is my first upload a sunset panorama. Taken with the DJI app manually and then stitched in Lightroom. Taken with a Phantom 3 4k.
  12. AndyGB

    Exploring the ravines of Toronto

    One of the many pretty ravines that wind through Toronto, Ontario.