nvidia k1

  1. A

    Looking for hood for Nvidia Shield k1

    Hi this is my first post. Can anybody tell me where i could find a hood for a Nvidia Shield k1 tablet. Thanks
  2. PIC107

    Nvidia Shield K1 with DJI Go 4 ?

    I've seen many threads discussing the Nvidia Shield K1 tablet, and I am familiar with this list of preferred devices: Best Tablets/Phones for DJI GO | Phantom Help However, I have not noticed any information about this tablet specifically for DJI Go 4 and the P4 Pro. Does anyone have...
  3. L

    Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet - no full screen on DJI go app

    Hello experts! I've just purchased an Nvidia shield K1 tablet because it was recommended for its awesome graphics processing. The first issue I had is it wouldn't connect to the RC, but was only showing the how to connect tutorial. I resolved this by swapping out the usb cable and it connected...