not dji intelligent battery

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    Phantom 2 - Not DJI Intelligent Battery problem

    I bought three new DJI Intelligent Flight Battery for Phantom 2 from B&H Photo (DJI Intelligent Flight Battery for Phantom 2 CP.PT.000395 B&H). My Phantom 2 will not start with these new batteries, but flies fine with the three older ones I have. When I plug the Phantom into the software, I get...
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    Aftermarket battery destroy drone?

    Hey again guys. (See picture) Just found out the the "Original" battery i got with my drone(used) is, apperently, NOT a original. Before i found out i put it in the mashine and now i get 2 errors. "Not DJI intelligent battery" and "Compass Error". I've tried with the 100% original battery...
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    Solid red rear LEDs when starting MC. Red and green FAST blinking after calibration!

    Hi guys! First post and first Phantom! I bought a used Phantom the other day and i have not got it to fly yet! FRUSTRATED! 1: I start det RC, then the MC....goes through "boot-up" with all colors. Then it just turns SOLID RED REAR LCDs! If i calibrate it (flipping S1) then do the dance, it...