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  1. S

    Controller Not Charging

    So I'm having some trouble with a Phantom 4 I recently purchased used off of LetGo (an app like Craigslist), and we're having some trouble with the charging of the controller. Ill plug it in, and it will be one blinking white light when I have it charging and then it will go to solid red. After...
  2. M

    Phantom4K controller charging problem help plz

    When i plug my controller in to the original charger it charges for a while and then the lights just go black. It works perfectly with the drone but not the rc
  3. L

    Phantom 3 Pro Remote Not Charging

    Hey there, I have had a phantom 3 for almost a year now and it has been a great drone. I have not used it for a month or 2 (a little bit) because I have been a little busy so I decided to charge my drone and RC. My intelligent Flight Battery charged up fine but when I tried to charge my...
  4. F

    Phantom 4 Controller not fully charging

    For some reason when i charge my remote it only gets to 2 blinking lights and after a few minutes it stops charging. I havent been able to find an easy fix or solution other than reaching out to DJI which from what i hear they are not very reliable or helpful. Has anyone found a DIY hack or fix...
  5. LukeB

    Phantom 3 4k controller won't charge past 2 LEDs

    Has anyone experienced this issue? I let it charge overnight using the charger that came with the P3, but it doesn't seem to get past 40%. The same charger works with my batteries, no problem, they get to 100%. Everything was in storage since last October and I brought it out recently to take...
  6. P

    Phantom 4 Pro Battery not fully charging

    I have three new Phantom 4 pro batteries and none of them are fully charging in the charging Hub. Any ideas why? I have just attached the charging terminal direct to one battery, bypassing the charging Hub, I will see what that does.
  7. B

    New battery not charging

    Hello everyone! This seems to be a frequently discussed topic on the forums but I could not find a post that matched my exact symptoms. If this is a duplicate post, please feel free to link me to correct post or move this as needed. I recently bought a Phantom 3 standard battery on sale at...
  8. M

    Battery won't charge...

    I didn't put this under the Phantom 2 thread seeing that it might be the same problem for any Phantom. I just received a new Phantom 2 to replace one that finally crapped out. The new battery that came along with it appears to be faulty. It looks fine (not swollen or anything) but I cannot get...
  9. B

    DJI Phantom 3 4K Battery Not Charging

    Its been over a week now since my Drone had a minor crash and the battery fell out of it, since then I've been trying to charge my battery but only came of once the same night and then it just wouldn't work. The light just blink when its plugged in. I attached a video to show what i'm talking...
  10. C

    Another p3A remote not charging

    Hello forum members. I recently received my p3A last week. I charged the remote to full but am currently due for another charge "2nd charge" my remote is at 36% but it's not charging. I get the leds moving from left to right but it doesn't charge 8hrs later and it's still 36% with the first 2...