northern ireland

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    Hello, from Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Hi all, I recently bought the phantom 3 standard and have been taking it out on a few flights in my local area. I am comfortable flying and can handle most average conditions really well, but I am not too sure on how to improve my video techniques. I have made a compilation of my most recent...
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    Hello From Northern Ireland

    Hi guys! I've just ordered my first ever drone! I went for the Phantom 4 Pro as the camera looks ridiculously good! I have basic experience flying a Raptor 50 heli but that was a few years back. I wanted to say hello to see if there are any more of you from NI; and if so.. are there any nice...
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    Bangor Co Down N.Ireland

    My favs spot to chill on our lovely coastal path.I hope you enjoy. I'm new to video editing so any constructive critisisism is welcome