no wifi connection

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    Phantom 3SE Update Issue

    Hello pilots! I think I ****** up. I just got my P3SE and upon one of the first launches it showed up this message about a new firmware available. So I just went ahead and started that. Unfortunately the process seemed to long and I was stupid enough to close the DJI GO app. After that the RC...
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    Professional Phantom 3 pro no wifi blinking yellow

    Please help, I'm sure it's on here already somewhere but I'm in a jam. I do weddings but luckily was raining this past weekend but have one in another week. Drone not dropped or crashed just sitting in box for a while Took out to get ready for wedding last week. No wifi coming up. It's...
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    Standard Mild Crash now wifi won't connect

    Hello, Like a typical noob, I had a small crash with my Phantom 3. A storm rolled in and just as I took off, it seemed that I lost GPS and the drone took off on it's on. It wouldn't respond to remote commands and at an altitude of about 2 feet off the ground , it flew into a thin tree trunk...