no transmission signal

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    No Video Transmission Signal

    I haven’t used my P3S since the summer, and today I pulled it out to make sure it was working fine since I am taking it on a trip. When I connected, it said No Video Transmission Signal without any video feed. The odd part is when I was trying to fix it, I restarted it several times and suddenly...
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    P3P Faulty Gimbal Board Warranty Issue!!

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. Might be bad timing. So basically my P3P video transmission stopped working one day. Tried firmware upgrade a in hope it would resolve. No luck. Contacted DJI, provided log files etc. The support email said that it maybe an issue with the gimbal and if it was indeed...
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    Constant "Weak Transmission" or "No Transmission Signal"

    I have owned my DJI phantom 3 pro for almost a year now. I use it almost every day for shooting farm and ranch real estate. The transmission signal has been so unstable it is extremely frustrating. Today I was shooting a development and I couldn't get more than one second of stable...