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    Drone light goes out, drone stays on (hums)

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and flying drones. So recently, I purchased a used FC40 with an oversized battery. Long story short, battery popped out the back mid flight, dropped about 200 ft. Good news: drone isn't heavy and took no damage that I could see. Battery was smashed all over the...
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    DJI Phantom 3 4K Battery Not Charging

    Its been over a week now since my Drone had a minor crash and the battery fell out of it, since then I've been trying to charge my battery but only came of once the same night and then it just wouldn't work. The light just blink when its plugged in. I attached a video to show what i'm talking...
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    P2V+ Remote no Power & no Lites????

    Guys and Gals..... Im new to the site and have a question. The last time I flew my P2V+ I accidentally left the remote on. Today when I went to fly i noticed this and the power light was not illuminated. I thought it must have been the batteries went dead due to being left on. I replaced the...