no live feed

  1. Brent10

    P2V+ Black Screen: DJI to Offer P2 Care Plan for certain Phantom 2 users

    Looks like those of us with the P2V+ black screen problem may qualify for repair/replacement. However, I have already opened up my wifi module and left evidence of soldering when I re-flashed the NAND chip (which fixed it for three days). So mine may not qualify for the Care Plan given that it...
  2. PeNnY777

    No video live feed from drone to device (Phone)

    Hi guys my name is Ken and recently had a crash with my drone that had to replace many parts to have it running back again. Every function of the drone works perfect except for the live feed. I can - I can connect to satellites - Fly with no issues - Record at any quality and see the files...
  3. Silviu

    [P3S] Live transmission lost

    Hi, folks! Today I wanted to take few shots in AEB 3, nearby. After I took few pictures, I got freezing image (a new frame after ~15-20 seconds). I was lucky because I had the drone in my visual area and I could bring it back to home. Flight log here.
  4. S

    Solving the black screen FPV (no-live-feed) issue - co-operation needed

    Hey everyone, I think this is time for us to solve the issue called no live feed. Also known as: no live stream black screen FPV telemetry ok but no picture phantom connection broken Possible cause (assumption) 1 haven't used the P2 for a while - when turned on, screen is black, last time it...
  5. Drywalljohnny

    PV2+ no live feed

    Hello all new here .great fourms ! .. Ok here is the million dollar question ? After countless weeks of Searching boards everywhere has any one actually found a fix to this issue ? I've done everything there possibly could be done other than take it apart .trust me I've done every trial an error...