no camera

  1. Elqueso2

    The Dreaded No FPV in my P2V

    Good Morning everyone, Yup have that same stupid nagging problem of no FPV on my P2V with the White “Egg”. Everything worked up to a few days ago using my RE500. I just received my RE700 to replace the RE500. Let me start out to say that I have done so much research on the problem my head...
  2. C

    Advanced camera doesnt record more than 10 secs

    ive flown my phantom 3 about a dozen times now. for some reason when i fly in certain areas, the camera turns off after 5-8 seconds. very frustrating i believe the common denominator here is that i was flying near a city where the dji app stated it was restricted fly zone. i could fly no...
  3. M

    Professional flashing red lights and no camera connection, troubleshooting?

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can shed some light on a problem I've unexpectedly encountered. I used the P3P successfully less than a month ago. At the time all firmware was up to date. I put it back in it's case and that was that. I'm off on a shoot on monday so yesterday I got the thing out...
  4. E

    Phantom 2.0 Vision+ Missing Gimbal/Camera (can i still connect)?

    Hi I bought a Phantom 2.0 Vision+ , it didn't have a Gimbal/Camera. I have the remote with the wifi extender re700. can i still connect the phantom and get any information from the smart phone. or the app is only for camera? is the wifi module in the camera or phantom, can i verify if it is...
  5. G

    Phantom 2 V+ Ver. 3 without camera

    What information should I still receive from a P2V+ Version 3 with the camera removed? GPS? Compass? Distance? Altitude? Battery level? How does one determine which motor is installed? ESC model? Thickness of the three wires? Other methods? I purchased a used P2V+ supposedly Ver 3 ungraded...
  6. R

    Advanced No camera update

    The gimble/camera is broken and removed but the craft flys well. Does anyone know how to update the craft firmware without the gimble/camera?