night flight

  1. Hyperlapse Night Flight Over I-85 & University Dr. - Burlington, NC

    Hyperlapse Night Flight Over I-85 & University Dr. - Burlington, NC

    Time lapse evening view of this busy intersection in Alamance County.
  2. NG Phantom

    Fireworks display - our first night flight

    Hi, This brief fireworks display was the first time that me and my son had tried flying at night. The display didn't last as long as we had hoped, although we did miss the first minute or so. No background soundtrack on this one - unusually for a drone video we actually have the sound of the...
  3. M

    night drone flight in 4K - DJI P3P

    Hello again! I would like to share with you my drone video registered during a few night flights in winter in Poland. DJI Phantom 3 Professional - this was the drone I used to record a video in 4K quality. It was winter time then. I hope you like it. If you see more drone videos please...
  4. M

    New Year's Eve in Poland by drone - the best NYE drone video for 3 years

    Hello! I would like to share with you my best drone video from New Year's Eve. In this video you will see a fireworks show recorded by drone's eye. This was taken in small city in Niemcz in Poland. Video was registered in New Year's Eve, exactly at midnight Dec 31st 2017/Feb 1st 2018. Video was...
  5. DreamToFly

    Night time flight test

    I had my P3P out tonight as it's a good, calm, clear and frosty night. This is a test flight and around 2:40 in, I had forgot I was recording the video lol. I try to line it up between the moon and my direct line of sight to get a picture, only to realise I left my camera at home. Now, I'm not...
  6. rdtex103

    Night Flying Mission

    I live very close to Foxwoods Casino and would like to launch my P3S from the roof of the parking garage, circle the high rise, land and leave. The entire casino complex sits in the middle of the country side and at night it is lit up like Las Vegas. Do you think I should ask permission or...
  7. jasonjlee

    Best Low-light settings

    Hi everyone, Since the Christmas season is here, I wanted to know with what phantom 4 settings I can capture the night lights the best with. I haven't used my drone for any night shots, so I'm curious as to what would bring the best quality out of my camera. I know some people have complained...
  8. kennedye

    Questions about night waivers

    So these are the items necessary to meet the performance based standards to obtain a 107.29 waiver for flying beyond civil twilight: Applicant must provide a method for the remote pilot to maintain visual line of sight during darkness. Applicant must provide a method for the remote pilot to...
  9. frands1

    DJI Phantom 4 Night Flight (Post your vids)

    Hi there, Here it is my night flight. I'm sharing with you so I can hear tips, tricks, advice, about proper settings for night videos. If you want to share your videos, please feel free. Also, I'd like to know if I would be doing something "illegal" in that video. As far as I know, I should be...
  10. chapsrlz

    Monument to the Revolution

  11. toddsworld

    I Purchased a Phantom 3 Standard

    I just got my Phantom 3 S last week and of course it has been so windy in my location for the last week since I've had it :( I did manage to get out a bit, just in my courtyard one day and out back one evening. Here's a couple of videos of my first experience with this amazing drone: NOTE: The...
  12. M

    night drone flight in Poland

    Hello all! The video shows a DJI Phantom 2 NIGHT drone flight in Niemcz city near Bydgoszcz in Poland in late autumn afternoon. It was recorded with using GoPro 4 Hero Black video camera with manual settings set - PROTUNE ON and iso 1600. This video was slightly brighten in Sony Vegas Pro 13...