night drone flight

  1. I

    Question about lights

    Can drone lights be individually turned off and on during night flights?
  2. L

  3. Jthomp

    All Drone lights went out on night flight

    P3S Drone was at about 150 - 200 feet altitude nearly straight up from launch point on a night photo flight over my town tonight. It had been in the air about 5-7 minutes on a fully-charged battery, flying in "P" mode, and holding position in a slight wind via GPS. Suddenly ALL the lights on...
  4. Sunnaroe

    Nightflight with the Phantom 4 over Cincinnati

    Judge me how you will but Im new at this and Im trying super hard to learn as much as i can about both flying and photography.Im registered-contacted air traffic controller to fly and kept my drone within line of site-cant miss those trusty flashing led lights .I hope you enjoy also tell me-is...
  5. We Talk UAV

    Drone Photography-Night Cityscape Tutorial.

    Shooting the city landscape at night can provide some real challenges. Vibrations of drone, exposure setting and the tiniest of movements can make or break a good shot. Therefore, it is always a good idea to see what basics you may be missing as well as explore what type of angles work best when...
  6. H

    My neighbors house with over 150,000 lights!

    Thought you might like this video of my neighbors house - shot (mostly) on my trusty P3A. Recommend HD if you have the bandwidth. Can't wait to get the P4Pro. I might just do the whole thing again Happy Holidays! (14 CFR § 107.29 Daylight operation Waiver Number: 107W-2016-00713)
  7. respibob

    Some Night Pictures

    West Baden and French Lick at night
  8. M

    Night Filming HELP?

    I recently tried to record some footage on Phantom 3 advanced at night, but in post, i found it ended up with a lot of blue video noise. I was wondering if any of you could advise me on what settings to use or if there is any way other then darkening the shadows in post to get rid of the noise...
  9. Helihover

    Long Exposure Time Lapse!

    This one is pretty rad. 29 back to back 6 second exposures. This was my first attempt and I think it's too cool, gives me a lot to build from!
  10. D

    My first night vid! (Happy news)

    Among compass error an other tragically messages about the company, here is a smooth vid from my P3A. My location is Norway, Porsgrunn. Its a city located at both sides of a narrow river, making it wonderfull to fly over. I have flown 5 rounds during the last week and have some training from...
  11. İ

    P4 Remote controller weak Signal at night

    I can fly with my bird at the day time anywhere. But I tried 2 times at night after 50 metres remote controller weak signal error comes. What is this i didnt understand? I saw many video about night fly videos. But we cant fly at night :S Do you think P4 doesnt get signal because of the dark...

    My vlog including phantom 3 standard footage in SOUTH CENTRAL LA

  13. M

    night drone flight in Poland

    Hello all! The video shows a DJI Phantom 2 NIGHT drone flight in Niemcz city near Bydgoszcz in Poland in late autumn afternoon. It was recorded with using GoPro 4 Hero Black video camera with manual settings set - PROTUNE ON and iso 1600. This video was slightly brighten in Sony Vegas Pro 13...