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  1. K

    Flying in New Zealand

    Super confused by the drone rules in New Zealand. Saw this video and it just makes me wonder if anyone actually goes to each and every house to ask or do people generally not really care? Does anyone know how they did this?
  2. D

    Mount Cook, New Zealand

    A short(ish) walk up the Hooker Valley Track to the foot of the Hooker Glacier below Mount Cook. In the '80s the glacier used to be where the grey lake was - its receding even more now due to climate change.
  3. D

    Tongariro Crossing, NZ

    Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand A 12 mile walk through a volcanic landscape passing Mount Ngauruhoe. The area was used extensively in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Filmed on a P3P that got heavier to carry as the day went on!
  4. Nick Wenzel

    WANAKA, NEW ZEALAND - 2nd YouTube video up

    Hi all, Tell me what you think of my new yt vid and subscribe for more. :) Cheers, Nick
  5. Great Pumpkin

    Drone's Eye View of New Zealand Earthquake Fault Ruptures

    These are two splendid flyovers of some spectacular ground ruptures along faults in New Zealand's 14 November 2016 earthquake (M 7.8). I wish I could say I took them, but no, instead they were flown by GNS Science in New Zealand. The Kekerengu Fault, which helps make up the Marlborough Fault...
  6. P

    Going to New Zealand on holiday

    So I am going on holiday in a bout 6 months to New Zealand for 3 and a bit weeks and I'm really tempted to take my drone, I'm just wondering what the deal is with flying over there, I'm going to look over the rules etc but has anyone got experience from the country. Thanks Peter
  7. dgriffnz

    Ophir Bridge, N.Z.

  8. dgriffnz

    Alexandra Bridge 4K. Central Otago, N.Z.

  9. dgriffnz

    Alexandra, Central Otago, N.Z. reporting in!

    Hi folks, I've had my Phantom 4 for a few weeks now, and am loving it. It's such a shame it's the dead of winter here as that has prevented me from getting out as much as I'd have liked. I've got some fairly interesting flights planned, can't wait! Check me out on Skypixel and...
  10. Raftcomm

    Prospective Phantom Pilot from Auckland New Zealand (Middle Earth)

    Hi Phantom Pilots, Ive been lurking around this forum for a little while and decided to post an introductory thread. Im come from Auckland, New Zealand (middle earth) and have largely been an RC truck fan all this time. I only own the Traxxas VXL 4x4 Stampede and have had hours of fun since...
  11. C

    Napier, New Zealand

    Seems like everyone else has a local thread, I thought I'd start ours! I'm from Napier, New Zealand. I'm sure there is more of us. I'm still fairly new and learning but I'd be up for catching up with others :)