new pilot

  1. P

    New pilot

    So I have hover down, very small movements. This was with all of about 5 minutes of flying. I was keeping things as controlled as possible. Phantom 3 Pro Using manual flight (no DJI app) Started drone, moved joy sticks into the proper corners. Both up and it hovers. Commanding the drone seems...
  2. svjobeth

    New Phantom 4 Pro+ Owner

    Hello, New P4P+ owner currently in Savannah, GA. I've been flying a very short period of time, a few months, with various Syma drones to begin learning the basics of quad flying. My wife and I are live-aboard sailors and wanted to have a new perspective from which to document our voyages -...
  3. J

    New Pilot in Maryland/Long Island

    Hey guys, JNG here. I just picked up a P3 4K and I'm looking for good places to shoot in Maryland/Long Island, NY.
  4. Douglas M

    Testing Drones... a dream job, Yes and no

    Hello Everyone, My name is Douglas and I have very recently become acquainted with the world of drone piloting. I work for a large company (which I cannot disclose) which has recently made me the lead of drone usability testing. You are all probably thinking, "Wow, getting paid to fly drones...
  5. John Crote

    Which p3 pro versions

    Please could anyone tell me that these versions are OK to fly... App version 2.4.2 Aircraft version 1.4.10 RC version 1.5.70 It's just that so many things are being said about correct ones. Thank you John 'New P3 pro owner'