new battery

  1. kerrylaw7307

    SOLD OUT !!! BRAND NEW Phantom 3 battery- never opened. $98 Free shipping

    SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT I ordered 2 too many batteries and have a couple to sell at a great price. • Brand New ( received these today, 3/13/2017 ) • 100% Authentic DJI™ product. UPC# 190021008861 • NOT an after market battery. DJI™ .... • These are NOT 3rd party batteries, as in...
  2. M

    P3 Firmware Update Required

    P3 Standard. Ordered a new battery, and the first time I used it I got a message on the App under Aircraft Status that a firmware update was required (not available, but required). I ignored it and launched anyway, since I had a Safe to Fly prompt. For the first 30 seconds or so the Phantom flew...