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  1. MaryKay

    Do I need P4P polarizing filters?

    Before I buy filters for my new P4P2 I’d appreciate some advice. In bright Florida sun and flying Mavic Pro near/over the ocean & lakes a lot, I’ve almost always used PolarPro’s ND32/PL. I’ve been happy with the results but I don’t know how non-polarizing ND would look. Recommendations, please!
  2. H

    P4P Official DJI ND Filter Test Video 4K

    Video test of DJI's official ND8 filter for the Phantom 4 Pro with side-by-side comparison without the filters. The ND filter did help create a more cinematic look by allowing a slower shutter speed which added a natural motion blur, while letting me keep the aperture at the sharpest setting...
  3. tml4191

    Here's a list of P4P Filters...Which one do you all recommend?

    Polarpro (3) $99.99 Neewer (3) $25.99 Taco RC (4)$75.99 Skyreat (4) $69.99 Ditzco $8.95 for the lens adapter + More for filter gels PGY (6) $97.99 Which one do you all recommend?
  4. K

    Need suggestions for buying ND filter set

    On your opinion which ND filter set is the best bang for your bucks. My budget is no more than $90 USD, I'm looking for a glass set and I don't care if it doesn't come with CP filter. I want a set that performs well and looks, feel with quality. Any suggestions? I have P3P. Thanks guys!
  5. N

    The professional filter set for the Phantom 3

    I know there are already a few filter sets being produced for the P3 but there hasn't been a definitive set that helps still photographers as well as cinematographers. Please take a look at this one and comment so our friend @Rainbowers can be motivated to produce these...