1. F

    Getting into Drones with Agriculture

    I'm looking for information on what I need to get a side business going to use a drone to help out our local sugar beet farmers and possible Coors with the barely. I have a masters in GIS and am going to be getting a remote sensing graduate certificate soon. I just bought a phantom 4 v2.0 this...
  2. N

    zenmuse x4I NDVI ???

    hello consult do you know the zenmuse x4I camera for phantom 4 pro? Was it used? provides good NDVI images Any comment about it
  3. K

    Which is the best software data analysis for DJI (NDVI, NIR, NDRE etc)

    Hi guys.. I am looking for a good software no to expensive to analysis my data collected with a phantom 4. I just tried the drone deploy; looks good but am looking something more complete and cheaper if possible for agricultural purposes...cheers
  4. jdharrin

    NDVI and Other Farming Tools

    I'm really interested in buying the hardware and software to get into agricultural work. I watched a few Udemy courses on the subject and it seems plausible, but I read in another drone-related forum that the state where this one student was starting up his NDVI company pressed charges against...
  5. A

    NDVI Software

    An associate and I have produced single image NDVI software to be used in a greenhouse. We're wondering how it will work with a NIR camera on a drone. If anyone has a NIR camera on their Phantom and would like to send us a sample image it would be greatly appreciated. If the software is...
  6. BigAl07

    Phantom3 Pro - Possible Agriculture use??

    I'm researching some potential additional markets to dip into and Agriculture is of great interest to me. Until I can get a good feel for the viability of it in my area I'm not willing (or able) to invest in a dedicated Ag aircraft. While doing some research I ran across this statement and I'd...
  7. W

    NDVI lens swap for DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ - peau productions

    Hi, I was looking at installing and NDVI lens from peau productions into my existing vision+ camera body. I was wondering if anyone had tried this and what kind of results they had got. They show you how to install it here: My plan was to use Pix4D to process the images - and QGIS to do...
  8. H

    Modifying P3A camera for NDVI mapping

    Hi, Is anyone here using a P3A/P for NDVI (Normalized Differenced Vegetation Index) mapping? I'm thinking of using my P3A for this job. The image capturing and processing can be easily done with the Pix4D or DroneDeploy software. My problem is the IR camera. I see two options: 1) modifying...