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    SRP filter trouble again

    Well, 7g in extra wight from a SRP ND8 filter "is to heavy". Besides, as read in many threads here in the forum, the cover ring is two tight for success, so I decided to use only the filter glass, original filter glass with the DJI P4 pro glass. Just a difficult question I have to find the...
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    Standard ND Filters but EV still Off

    So I have been reading on here and other places about getting that "buttery smooth video" when we double the shutter speed from the frame rate. I got some ND filter in amazon and though ok now its time for my videos to shine! I turned on the P3S and set the ISO to 100 and 1080P/30fps so I set...
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    P4P Official DJI ND Filter Test Video 4K

    Video test of DJI's official ND8 filter for the Phantom 4 Pro with side-by-side comparison without the filters. The ND filter did help create a more cinematic look by allowing a slower shutter speed which added a natural motion blur, while letting me keep the aperture at the sharpest setting...
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    DJI ND filters arrived, yay!

    My DJI filters arrived today from B&H. I got all 3 of the currently available ones from DJI: ND4, ND8 and ND16. I took a short flight using the ND8. I think I'll put some kind of marking on the rim of each filter since they are not labeled in any way. The gimbal has the jitters in several...
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    Video Feedback - What can I do to improve this shooting condition?

    Hello Everyone, Thanks in advance for assisting with this. I was playing around with my filters and shot on this day with an ND8. I was really having a hard time while in the field and even in post getting the lighting correct. There are some real shadow areas that I cannot get correct without...
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    Second flight with fpv

    I'd like to thank you all for your supportive feedback. I've now taken my drone out again for a second flight, this time using an ND filter on my GoPro. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Two questions I have are: How to improve the quality of the GoPro footage? Even when using the...
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    Polar Pro Phantom 3 Filter Pack

    Brand new Polar Pro filter pack for the phantom 3. I got this for Christmas but sold my drone. Never been used. I think I may actually be able to just return these for full refund but I'm putting them on here in the mean time. PL1 Polarizer ND4 ND8 New in box. $50 Shipped.

    Are these ND filters good?

    Im looking into buying some ND filters I know from reading different posts on this forum polarpro and taco rc are highly recommended but i have found some from phantomfilters.com which have all the filters i want mainly ND8 and ND16 for a very good price has anyone got these or have any general...