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    Start a New Conversation: Phantom 2 naza software and battery problem?

    Hello guys, I have been in the hobby for about a year now. Recently I bought a second hand phantom 2 vision+ without a camera that I converted to a normal phantom 2 with H3-3D and Gopro. I bought it from the secondhand section of a webshop that sells drones. The lipo had 24 chargers on it when...
  2. I

    Havnt flown my phantom in 2 yrs

    I have the original version I think but the last time I was flying it (had a different computer then) I remember hooking the phantom to my computer and setting parameters via the NAZA software. I downloaded the NAZA software and driver on my computer but cant seem to get the software to connect...
  3. S

    Naza-invalid serial number.

    I got a new Phantom 3 and gave my Phantom 1 to my brother who lives 500 miles away. He downloaded the Naza software, but when he puts the serial number of the aircraft in the box that ask for it, he gets an error "invalid serial number". When you hover the mouse over the enter button, is says...
  4. rattydude77

    naza software help

    Ok so I cleaned my laptop and had to reinstall the naza software drivers installed fine hook up the phantom 1.1.1 and got an error message my phantom flys fine but after some long flights about 15/20 of them I like to hook it up and check everything out any help would be nice.....THANK YOU