1. rcheing

    Mint - P3P with Itelite DBS Mod & Nanuk 950 Case - South Florida - Very Low Hours!

    Hello everyone, Well the time has come to sell my beloved bird as I simply don't have the time for it anymore. I live within a Class D airport's 5 mile radius, directly north of the runway in the flight path and quite frankly, it's a hassle every time I wanted to fly. I purchased this back in...
  2. J

    Complete P3 Pro Bundle with 4 batteries & Nanuk Case! $850 shipped

    I am selling this entire bundle. Included is a mint condition phantom 3 professional with 4K camera, 4 smart batteries, heavy duty Nanuk waterproof case with custom molding for everything inside, upgraded aluminum iPad mount for controller, authentic DJI tablet hood for controller, removable...
  3. J

    Phantom 3 Professional Case

    Hi there everybody, I got a Phantom 3 Pro back in July of this year and now I'm looking to purchase a case for it, I think I've maybe got it narrowed down to the Pelican and the Nanuk 945 for DJI, wondering if anyone had either of these and what the pros and cons are of either? I think I'm maybe...