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    HowTo 16 More Drone Cinematic Moves/Maneuvers/Techniques Tutorial+Controls for Landscapes/POIs of 71

    Hey all, I made a follow-up tutorial/how-to video of 16 MORE aerial cinematic movements/techniques complete with controls and some tips for a total of 71 maneuvers. I hope this can help new and intermediate drone flyers focus on the creative side. It’s my 11th day flying the Mavic so feedback is...
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    HowTo: Shoot Multiple POIs/Scapes in 1 Cut w/ Basic Drone Moves, Cinematic Tutorial/Controls/Tips 4K

    Hello! I made a quick tutorial video on using basic drone maneuvers to capture several POIs/scenes/landscapes in one cut. It’s my 8th day flying a drone and 3rd video with Premiere Pro so it won’t be as pro as others but I would love to hear any form of feedback. There seems to be a shortage...
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    Multiple goggles setup

    I'm searching for a multiple goggle setup for Phantom 4 Pro/+. Fly with one drone and have multiple goggles connected. Is that possible? I can't find any solution for that. Someone that could help me? //Treknab
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    Multiple Phantoms independently from same computer?

    Is it possible to operate via automation multiple phantoms from the same computer if so, what kind of transmitter are you using and why did you select the software you currently would use. Andrew Johnson