multiple flight modes

  1. A

    Can't find "Multiple flight modes" on my Phantom 4 RTK

    I am using the GS RTK - app from the controller with an integrated screen. I want to practice flying in ATTI-mode, but can't seem to find the setting to toggle on Multiple flight modes. I have tried with and without the aircraft turned on, with the controller switched to A-mode etc., hoping for...
  2. P

    Litchi for two drone at the same time?

    hello, I am a happy user of Litchi app. in order to take pics for a large area, I am planning to have two teams for the project. that means... each team will fly drone at the same time in a different places. can I use the same litchi account for both teams?
  3. B

    Multiple Flight Mode switch doesn't show at all

    Dear All, I recently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard and I was looking forward to test the intelligent flight modes such as the follow me and waypoint flight. But no matter how many guides I read or videos I watch I always find myself stuck on the same point: when I open the advanced options on...
  4. Fantasmagorico

    Intelligent flights modes not right after firmware update

    I updated my firmware to 1.70060 in my P3P and updated the DJI Go app in my iPhone 6s. Now I have two problems: 1. In MC Settings, the guidance for Multiple Flight Mode refers to Positioning, Sport and Attitude modes. (See photo below). The P3P is supposed to have Function, Attitude and...