1. F

    flight data and video movie

    It's been a while since i have been on the forum and want to say thanks in advance. I just bought the p4pro, have upgraded from the P2+. I was looking for a way to take my video and make a movie with my flight data. it was easier when I had a flytrex and could get the data off of that. I...
  2. T

    What’s some good backing music

    I am making a video of a city skyline and residential area and need some music for the backing track. I love things like “Run Boy Run - Woodkid” as there is a lot of opportunity to cut the video to the music. I love upbeat stuff wth a lot of energy! Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks...
  3. R

    PS4 Netflix/Games + DJI Goggles - Dr. Strange, Star Wars (Lego), TLUO, Naruto

    Hi all, I tried out the DJI Drone Goggles on the PS4. Unfortunately, the PS4 only has one HDMI cable so others can’t see what you’re looking at. No headtracking like with the drone as expected. Video quality is good, similar to a PS4 on TV from a decent sitting distance. The HDMI plug is behind...
  4. thefrisbee995

    Frosty England!

    So it's been frosty recently here in south England (not snowy unlike up north), not raining all the time and been about -5/6c. I thought I would try and get some video of the frost and make something nice with it using my P4P. Didn't really go to plan but I still think I made a nice short video...
  5. D

    Brand New Cape Town 2016 Drone Video! - Need Sound!

    Hi all, Just got back from my trip to Cape Town. It was the first time I took my P4 abroad and I'm happy to say that I got through all the airports and security without any delays, stops, or problems at all. The bag I used (Navitech) worked perfectly and was comfortable to travel with too. I...
  6. Rudge

    Flickering in shadows?

    Hi all, My first post and looking for advice. I recently shot some footage with P34K (50 sec clip attached here with no edits) in the Yorkshire Dales and when I playback I notice some flickering in the shadow areas. It was a bright cloudy day with a lot of contrasting light conditions. It was...
  7. R

    Can't get iMovie to recognize 2.7k mp4

    Hi There, I am a complete newbie to the Phantom. I shot some of my first flights and uploaded them directly to youtube where they correctly were recognized as 1440p. However if I import them into iMovie 10.1.2, it is very unwavering in its belief that they are 1080p and nothing more. Is there...

    Mar del Plata - Argentina (drone reel)

    Hi everybody, is a production company based in Argentina and this is the first dji drone project. So, we are new in this area. Hope you all like it! cheers!
  9. S

    Made a short film with my dad for fun, using the P3 Pro for some shots.

    I'm super interested in the use of aerial perspectives in film, so I made this little idea for fun around Donegal, Ireland, which has some stunning scenery (in my opinion anyway!). I'm really happy with how the Phantom shots turned out. (If you're only interested in those shots, you can see them...