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    Help With Videos

    Hello, I am asking for help with this issue because I cant figure out what else to do. I recently went on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and took some great videos (MOV Files) with my P4P. When I got home I tried to transfer the videos to my MacBook pro using the SD card adapter and many of them...
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    Corrupted Movie Files Won't Play

    Hi there, Everyone: Just got my drone about 10 days ago. I shot 23 short test videos over a period of three different days and it looks like 8 of them are corrupted and unplayable. I have tried downloading several programs for "fixing" .mov files, and unfortunately none have been able to fix...
  3. R

    Can't get iMovie to recognize 2.7k mp4

    Hi There, I am a complete newbie to the Phantom. I shot some of my first flights and uploaded them directly to youtube where they correctly were recognized as 1440p. However if I import them into iMovie 10.1.2, it is very unwavering in its belief that they are 1080p and nothing more. Is there...