.mov files

  1. N

    .MOV stutters and .MP4 doesn't in FCP

    I loaded a .mov 4k file from my PH4 into Final Cut Pro. Horrible stuttering made it impossible to play even in rendered version. I know I can work in Proxy but was curious to see if the MP4 version would have the same issues. I converted the file in a video converter to MP4 keeping all the same...
  2. Skyler King III

    I think I'm full of DUMB questions but I'm new at this (File size reduction)

    Yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Well I went house shopping and took videos with my P4 of there (hopefully) new place. There are two files each about 4GB in size (.mov) Well....I took them so I could get my kids' impressions but my web site says it'll only take files of 15 MB or so...