motor fail

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    4k Motors will not start

    Bought a used P3, 4k and it flew. Bounced it off my roof. Took off the guards and started it up. I didn't know that those same screws also held the motors. So upon takeoff, the motors twisted the wires causing them to short. Ok, so I crashed the drone. Replaced the motors affected. Was sold a...
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    Electrical Fault in the Drone Motor System - Any Experience?

    Hey Guys, I am doing some market research for my university on the subject of drones and faults. I was wondering if anyone could answer the following questions: Have you experienced a fault in a drone motor or ESC? Did you diagnose the fault? What was the nature of it? Would a motor and...
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    Advanced PLEASE HELP

    1 of my Drone motors won't work after a small crash. Everything else is is fine though.
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    Help !!!!! Phantom 4 Motors Clogged with Confetti

    I am a 13 year old boy living in America. I run a small (microscopic) Aerial Photography Business in Pittsburgh, PA. Last time, when we were photographing a Party with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro, some idiotic kid aimed and fired a Party Popper at my Drone, filling all the 4 Motors with Confetti. The...
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    Phantom 3 Standard Motor not working out of the box

    Hey there all, So I recently got my phantom 3 (finally!) and took it out for its first flight today. However when I tried to take off, the phantom instantly crashed to the ground and I noticed that one of the propellers weren't spinning. Luckily I was next to a bush so it landed without any...
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    phantom 1 prop motor problem

    Sooo i ended up crashing my drone into a pool, was submerged for about 2 minutes. i fished it out and let it dried out for about a day and put another battery in to see if if it would still work. everything is working fine from what i can see. except 3 out of 4 propeller motors are working. the...
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    Motor fail

    I had a motor fail on me..... From a hover in GPS mode to an uncontrollable decent. 30 hours on the motors....