1. T

    Making money

    So I'm looking at starting to make some money from my drone, im hopefully doing my part 107 in the next few weeks. I've been looking into websites such as drone base and ive got a few other ideas, but I wanted to know if anyone has any experience in making money from drones, how it went, and...
  2. Macfawlty

    Making $$ with stock drone footage

    For those pilots looking for new ways to make money from photos and footage, take a look at Gettyimages Contributor Community (Sign in | ESP). Gettyimages is the largest stock photo/video agency in the world and has bought up most of their competitors over the years. I've used their stock photos...
  3. B

    Selling P3A

    So I have a bunch of stuff for my P3A and am wanting possibly sell it to get some money to upgrade. How much do you guys think I could get out off it all? Everything is in very good condition.
  4. heightsaerialmedia

    Where the money at?

    Interesting article we read from UAV coach, recent study shows where the most money is being made in the industry. We recently spoke with some from Converge industries which stated that pilots were having the most difficulty with real estate jobs and therefore staying away from them. What do you...
  5. jdharrin

    Part 107 Pilots

    If you're a certified Part 107 pilot and fly most your flights under that moniker, did you file for a business license in your state? And if so, did you file as an LLC, C or S Corporation? Just wondering how the majority of forum members claim income on their taxes if they actually make money...
  6. ScoopBroker

    $$$ You can now many money with your drone! $$$

    Hope you love what we created for the community. Start making money today with your footage. Just go to Get the App. Be patient with it we just launched are spreading like wildfire(the good kind.) If you have any questions just ask and I will answer them. Cheers, Misha
  7. Nate-xt

    Starting Realty photo business, need advice.

    Hey everyone. So I've decided to get into the photo/video business with drones. Im studying to take the 107 test. Whats everyones advice for pricing, and what packages should i offer. I was thinking of starting with a residential package, offering a video of the outside and inside of a home...
  8. S


    I am looking for someone to help me film videos in Los Angeles. This is a video I made. If you are interested, message me via instagram @sfpix
  9. MassDrone

    Incredibly lucky new Phantom owner

    Some of the details in this story have deliberately been withheld to shield his identity. About 6 weeks ago I visited a relative. I brought my P3S which I flew around his house for a few minutes, but it was too windy that day to do any real flying. It was enough enough for him, though, so he...
  10. airwolfe777

    Ways To Make Money With Your Drone

    Hi Y'all, I am waiting on my Mavic! Just wondering if I could create a thread and brainstorm ways to make money with your drone. I know about... Stock Aerial Footage/Stock Aerial Photos Real Estate Photography But, there must be more than that! Any advice would be appreciated...
  11. A

    How much should I charge a car dealership for photos and videos

    I got a phone call from a very high-end car dealer who wants 2 photos of the dealership from the front and then a 5-10 second fly around video. What do you think I should charge him for raw footage and then edited footage? He also said he will not agree to licensing so he must own them he said...
  12. L

    Would you upgrade to a new phantom, **P4**?

    Hello All, I am a proud owner of a Phantom 3 Adv and have been for the last several months, It has been an amazing device and was well worth it when I purchased it towards the end of last year. With the CES conference just passed and no new developments/releases (except for P34K) from DJI, to...
  13. DroneCaddyApp

    Drone Owners and DroneCaddyApp - Looking for Pilots

    New app for golfers help drone owners make some side cash So you own a drone like many of us here on the forum. How do you turn all those practice hours into some recurring revenue? Depending on what you fly there might be the opportunity to make some cash. DroneCaddyApp is a start up that...