1. Chuck1906

    Moire problems noticed in my P3P footage

    I just search some older posts here on Phantom Pilots about folks having issues with Moire in their drone footage. One person suggested to turn on high quality playback with Adobe Premiere Pro and some others say to go into the Phantom's camera settings and reduce the sharpness and use ND or...
  2. wlkngmachine

    4k > 1080p crazy moire!? Help!

    Everyone says that shooting in 4k and then downgrading to 1080p gives you a better image than shooting directly in 1080p, but when I change the sequence settings in Premiere to downsample my 4k 23.976f/s to 1080p 23.976f/s it gets super blurry and there is a ton of moire!! what am I doing...