1. T

    HDMI Module ports

    Evenin' All I'm looking for a bit of instant wisdom and knowledge. I have recently purchased the HDMI output module for my Phantom 4 Pro (to allow the use of clean video in DJI Goggles) and I am puzzled by one of the ports on it. I can spot the HDMI port (obviously) and also a full-size USB...
  2. J

    P4P Hdmi Module - Aircraft Disconnected

    Hello All, I'm having problems with the HDMI module on the P4P. Since fitting it ( I have tried 2 modules, and refitted numerous times) I am having Aircraft Disconnected issues. Everything connects fine, but after roughly 5 minutes, sometimes more sometimes less, I get the disconnected...
  3. tml4191

    anyone have a hdmi module f/s? I need a possible replacement

    The usb has been acting up since the hail/rain storm, but the hdmi output is displaying lag free, so if someone has an hdmi module f/s, then can I please buy it?
  4. tml4191

    Official DJI HDMI module for p3 p4 p4p free shipping

    This HDMI module is in like new condition, and it comes with all the needed screws. $90 shipped anywhere in the US. This was used on a Phantom 3 PRO. I ended up having an extra one from a Christmas purchase, so save yourself some shipping fees and get this basically brand new HDMI module...
  5. tml4191

    HDMI module please help p4p live feed=ok , but no hdmi in hd?

  6. tml4191

    HDMI will work on the p4p........ yes

  7. SoCalDude

    Point GPS Module's Arrow to Front of Aircraft (?)

    What does this message mean? "Point GPS module's arrow to front of aircraft" (see image below). I ended up just rebooting my P4 and recalibrating the compass. The message then never reappeared. By the way, I did update the firmware the night before this flight. This is with an iPad Air 2 (128...
  8. andy869

    HDMI module problems

    I've tried installing two different modules now in my P4 controller, and I never get the firmware update option. It won't even connect to the drone once installed , unless I pull the back cover off (and disengage the hdmi). Is there a way to force a controller update?