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    Exiting Tap To Fly and Go 4 App Blanking.

    I have had my Phantom 4 Pro for a week and a day now. To say its been interesting is a bit of an understatement. Apparently looking at other postings recently on this forum I am not the only one. Problems in a nutshell. All the software up to date on all the items. Batteries fully...
  2. S

    Stuck on ATTI....?

    Hi All, I have been trying for weeks to get my new Phantom 4 Pro+ airborne - without success. There are a number of issues, but this one is critical. It is set on ATTI and therefore will not lock into satellites. The Flight Mode switch seems to have no effect, nor can I select P Mode in my...
  3. J

    Quick cancel / stopping modes

    Have I understood it correctly that to stop modes quickly you just use the pause button, for things like RTH, Follow Me,TapFly, etc? Does it work with all the modes, just want to be sure for when i trial them out incase it doesnt go to plan. Also I've read that Left Stick (into the right...