mission hub

  1. Araya38

    Litchi Mission Hub

    Hey guys, have any of you tried to create a mission lately in the Litchi mission hub? I cannot get it to work. When I click on a waypoint the box that is supposed to pop up to let you make changes to that waypoint does not come up for me. I cannot change or even set the height. If I go into...
  2. Wouter


    I'm using Litchi to fly Way-point missions with my Phantom 4. The missions used to synchronize between the mission hub and my I-phone 6. This no longer happens. What happened and what must I do to fix this?
  3. C

    Litchi Mission Hub Ground Elevation

    Got Litchi recently, setting up a mission on Mission Hub. Waypoint #1 is at 33 feet altitude (almost directly above home), Hub shows ground elevation at 529 feet ,0 feet below 1st waypoint. Does this mean the Litchi ground elevation of 529 feet is at the 33 foot altitude or position of 1st...
  4. J

    Litchi : Mission Hub Panorama Preset

    Has anyone used Panorama Preset in Mission Hub ? It appears that the 14 actions that the Panorama Preset creates are insufficient. The result is that you only get a video with all the different angles of the gimbal as per the actions. (no photos). I assume it needs a stop recording at the 1st...
  5. Skyler King III

    Can we find a DJO GO "Mission Hub" on the web like Litchi?

    I find the Litchi app great but I'd prefer to use a DJI product...Just in case... I like using the Litchi Mission Hub on the web. Wish DJI would have similar capability. It's a simpler way to plan missions.
  6. pounder35

    User manual for Mission Hub

    Is there an on-line manual for using Mission Hub? PDF or Word document. I've seen some YouTube tutorials but I'd like to print out some info for use in the field. I'm flying a P3A and use both Litchi and DJI GO on an LG 8.3 tablet most of the time.
  7. pounder35

    Mission Hub and Facebook

    I've been looking into Mission Hub but it seems you have to have a Facebook account. Is this correct? I hate Facebook. I have a page and wanted to delete it and start from scratch but after several attempts I said the hell with it. I can't even remember how to log on to it. Why would Facebook be...