1. Donatas

    Le Bellot - Cruise Ship - Ponant. Iceland.

    Le Bellot - Cruise Ship - Ponant. Iceland.
  2. T

    Need help deciding.

    Use to have a drone I flew all the time and got out of it now wanting to get back into it. Would like something that has good video and picture but also not break the bank. I have been debating between a used phantom 3 or a mini. Any thoughts or input as to why either one would be the better...
  3. mtsprocket

    Good morning from frosty Cochrane, Alberta

    Hello from frosty Cochrane, Alberta. I'm spoiled, I've been flying my SOs seriously nice equipment, but we're currently in two different countries, now I can fly when I am home. Live in park central where drone flying is prohibited, but lots of gorgeous spaces nearby, just have to be aware...
  4. D

    Where are my TFRs if there are any?

    Hi everyone! Quick question, where is the best and easiest place to check for tfrs every time before I fly? I want to always know if there is one before ever taking off. I currently use Airmap, but I don't know if it gives up to date tfrs. I'm hoping for an app to check tfrs, rather than a...
  5. Equidale

    Convince me...P4P or P4P+

    I'm completely torn. I keep reading such a variety of different user experiences with the P4P+ - some love it, some say they returned it because of the RC software/integrated tablet app glitching. I guess my question is, is this a known issue? Or is it a handful of people complaining on the...
  6. mrdakin

    video playback puzzle

    If anyone can help me with this little problem, I'd be eternally grateful! Here's the situation. I bought a Phantom 3 standard a while back. I'm a photographer so being able to take 2.7k aerial video was a no-brainer. However, my computer will not play ANY of the 2.7k videos I take with it...
  7. BrAinZ

    iPad Mini Bluetooth - PS3 Connection Issue

    I wonder if anyone can help with a niggly issue I'm having connecting my P3S to my iPad 4 Mini. All works fine if you just connect the ac to the iPad, but as it doesn't have a GPS or net connection, I want to also connect it to my iPhone 6. If you ignore the DJI aspect of it, this is something...
  8. F

    Help With iosd Mini can't get data on screen

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this so bare with me while I describe the problem. First, here is my setup. I have a P2 and with the following: - Hero 4 black - H3-3D Gimbal - iosd Mini - AVL 5.8ghz videolink transmitter with receiver - 7" monitor I am getting video to my screen with no problem...
  9. Freddie mckenzie

    Phantom 3 Parachutes

    Hi all, I was just wondering if you guys think that the MARS mini is worth installing incase of emergency motor failure or other situations on the phantom 3 Advanced. Heres a link to what I'm looking at: Mars MINI | Mars Parachutes please let me know your thoughts, or alternatives to this...