mini 4

  1. Mavikhan

    iPad mini 4 wifi or CrystalSky 7.85"?

    If GPS and 3rd party apps were not important to you, which would you buy? Are the CS features worth the extra money?
  2. Dangerous Dave

    Mini 4 or Samsung's Tab S2 which is better?

    Still trying to figure out which is better for the P4. The Mini 4 or the Samsung's Tab S2. The tablet will be used only for the P4. Suggestions??
  3. Matt W Ruff

    NEW mini4 (iOS 9) issue

    I just downloaded everything and test flew mp P3P with my new iPAD mini 4 and huge video lag. (the mini-4 has the same power as the Air 2) so I'm assuming it a software glitch. I tried it with Autopilot as well and same video glitch. Sold my mini 2 so I stuck with my iPhone 6+ until I would...