1. PlanetPapi

    Have you encountered compass errors with Litchi app?

    I'm trying to determine if this dreaded mid air compass errors are just for DJI GO app. I would like to hear from users using Litchi app. I may as well switch to Litchi if there are no issues with compass errors. That seems to be a cheaper and safer alternative solution than dealing with DJI...
  2. E

    DJI insist its NOT compass DEFECT and it made my p3p FLY AWAY

    My drone brought 1 year ago, flying really normal and good until TODAY FLY AWAY due to compass malfunction!!! ##Read it may be need your little time, but beware it can happen on you.### 15/6/2016 : I'm in the place that is really familiar and I have been flew many many times. 15/6 I flew it...
  3. F

    Uncontrollable crash

    Hi everyone, My dji3-professional today dropped like a stone from 20m. I think it is unrepairable:-( It was my fourth flight that day. The others been okay, except for some warnings of weak transmission, but, still manageable. On my last flight after just one minute (battery at.ca. 70%), the...