1. DougAles

    Mexico Resort Segway Tour Video

    Well, after checking out a lot of your YouTube videos, joining this group, and purchasing my first ever GoPro, I took it on vacation. Here is my first real attempt at incorporating my GoPro into one of my YouTube videos. We went on a Segway tour. Besides my GoPro Hero 6, I also uses a iPhone...
  2. J

    Swimming with sea lion pups in Mexico!

  3. A

    Mermaid, pink lakes and flamingos in Mexico

    Hey guys just finished editing new video on youtube. If you have time check it out and let me know what do you think Watch it with sound if available Thanks
  4. C

    Taking Phantom to Mexico

    Just an FYI, I just got back from Mexico, Puerto Vallarta to be exact. I was concerned about taking my P3 and had tried to see if anyone had any issues getting it in and out of country and determined the risk low. I thought I would let everyone know that I was able to do it without hiccup. No...
  5. YYZ

    Breathless Riviera Cancun Drone Flight

    Hey friends, I am happy to report there remains no issues taking the phantoms into Mexico. I flew into Cancun from Toronto last week and enjoyed a few short flights as soon as the 60km/hr winds finally died down! Enjoy!
  6. R

    Drone Permit for Mexico?

    Does anyone know what type of permit you need to fly your drone in Mexico?
  7. HuckleberryStyle

    Weekend Trip to Tulum Mexico - Yes the drone came!

    Traveled to Mexico on 11/12/16 from the USA and brought the drone along.
  8. cruz_ctrl

    Any drone flyers in Mexico?

    I am trying to find out what is required as far as permits/licenses to fly a drone in Mexico. I have heard that all drones must be registered regardless whether they're being flown commercially or recreationally. Does anyone know a source for relevant info? Thank you. Dave
  9. P

    Are Drones Allowed in Cancun Mexico?

    Hey guys! has anyone taken their phantom drone to mexico before? i am flying to cancun mexico next week and was wondering if anyone knows about the law of brining a drone into cancun mexico. Would I have any trouble brining the drone into cancun for a week of vacation? Hoping to fly my phantom 4...
  10. A

    Taking my P4 to Mexico

    I have a trip coming up to Cabo and wanted to know the rules and regulations around the following ... 1. What are the best practices around flying with a drone. Will be flying Alaska airlines from Sea - San Diego - Cabo. Can I carry the craft in hand luggage and put the batteries in checkin...
  11. E

    Cancun to Tulum

    Check out this video shot primarily with phantom 3 advanced in the Mayan Riviera
  12. James Taylor

    Cancun, Mexico. Risk Of Taking A P3 - Especially Customs Hijinks

    I've read posts on traveling to Mexico with a Phantom but many are dated and offered different experiences. Does anyone have any 2016 insight as to problems taking the drone? It will be used for private purposes only, on a family vacation. I'm not taking anything other than a stock P3A, 2...
  13. chapsrlz

    worlds largest ferris wheel (spherical 360)

    SkyPixel - Connecting Creativity Estrella de Puebla was heralded as the world’s largest ferris wheel, a giant rotating lookout that would rejuvenate Paseo Bravo and give locals and visitors a new perspective on the city’s historic center.
  14. M

    What to know before flying in Mexico?

    I'm taking a trip to a resort in Mexico over the summer, and I want to know what I have to do to legally fly in That country. I read somewhere that you have to acquire something along the lines of a drone permit, but I just wanted to know exactly what steps I should take. Thanks!!
  15. chapsrlz

    Santa Fe Skyline

    Santa Fe Skyline in México City 3 image panorama more of our video and photo on our facebook fan page: Security Check Required
  16. chapsrlz

    dronie and sunset in león, guanajuato, méxico.

    its thursday so a new dronie is on youtube :) this was shot last sunday at león, guanajuato. comments, suggestions?