1. flyover_intel

    Hello from Wichita... anyone nearby?

    Hello! I have been flying for 18 months and would like to meet other drone enthusiasts in the area. Currently I am using my drone for aerial photography and one day hope to expand into agricultural data. I share my photos on Instagram, @flyover_intel Happy flying everyone!
  2. Y

    Vietnam Meetup!

    Hello everyone! I will be travelling to Ho chi Minh City in May this year, anyone wish to have a meetup session? Contact me if you wish to.
  3. U

    Central / Northern Kentucky / Southern Ohio / Indiana

    Hey all! I'm living in Lexington, flying a Phantom 3 SE. I love the drone, although I've not had many chances to fly it. I was hoping to meet other drone pilots and get tips on how to fly, as well as good places to capture footage. I managed to get some footage on the Kentucky River a few weeks...
  4. iammrbt

    Two P3P's fly together (From a regional meet up)

    Earlier today air kuld and I met for the first time and flew our P3P's around together. It as good fun and I got a chance to try out some things I've been wanting. Hope you enjoy the footage.