1. JonEQuest

    Modified GL300B /MAXX UAV & HD Tablet mount $190

    I no longer have a P3 so I am selling my Modified remote controller with Maxx UAV DBS-02 panel. This remote got me about 70% more distance than stock and works way better and more consistent than wind surfers. It also has a heavy duty aluminum phone tablet mount so that if you use a tablet it...
  2. J

    made some RF discoveries today

    Hi people, Being fairly new here, I thought it was time to contribute something helpful. I happen to have an RF spectrum analyzer that I use for my day job, so I thought I would put it to good use and answer some questions I had about the P4. I made a little video to provide some explaination...
  3. tml4191

    Fstop Lab's 4 Watt Booster for your P3/ P4 $250== NOW $175 Free Shipping

  4. tml4191

    Like New MAxxrange f/s Maxxuav itelite DBS Antenna for p3+ p4

  5. respibob

    Waiting for my ITE-DBS01.4

    I ordered a DJI Phantom 3 Standard Range Booster ITE-DBS01.4 from and just wanted to say if you need anything for your drone they are very quick to respond! I sent a question on Facebook and they answered with 2 or 3 minutes! I bought a second controller from PWdrone and was going to...
  6. Ramphex

    MaxxUAV "Clean Install" Installation Guide

    Ahoy hoy! This guide is a still picture version of Jake's video guide that he created, for his "clean install" kit, with a MaxxUAV DBS Antenna. There might also be some super extras bonus pictures at the end :p First of, let's start with the video guide: Step 1: Opening the boxes and looking...
  7. JakeMaxxUAV

    Official P4 Range Leaderboard

    This leaderboard is sponsored by Maxx UAV. For all your signal and range improvement needs, check out USA Customers: Canada Customers: Europe Customers: Each store ships world wide! I will keep this list maintained. If you would like to be added...