1. PlasticNerd

    P4 Has reached Max Speed

    So, I was flying last night at the beach and I flew through a "natural bridge" created by years of errosion. Going from beach to ocean side was no problem, but coming back thru from ocean side my P4 stopped - like there was an obstruction- so I grabbed it while it was hovering, with no hands on...
  2. T

    Has there been any recorded P4 flights lasting 25 minutes, dare I say 28 minutes?

    Not trying to fuel the circle jerk but... Most I've seen so far is 24 minutes with proof. Anyone get above 25 minutes yet on their P4? I've seen a few claims of 27 minutes (including DJI-Ken) but with no proof.
  3. Nstrong48

    New Standard 1000M Range(Easily)

    All I see is poor range example so I just thought I would throw mine out there. I got mine about a week ago. I live in a smaller town(right int he middle of it) and from home I get about 300M range before my video feed starts to go out. This morning i took it out to the high school which...