1. T

    Drone not connecting to Controller

    Hey Guys, One day a couple weeks ago my drone stopped connecting to controller i dont know why. SOMEONE HELP (mavic pro) There may be reward for person who fixes it within 48 hours
  2. Jack Ley

    FPV Camera??

    Over the last 5yrs or so I have had the P2, P3P and the P4, I sold each one to move to the next. About a year and a half ago my P4 literally fell out of the sky at 200ft while doing a waypoint mission through FPV Camera. To this day I don't know if it was that app or the fact I needed a...
  3. Goldie

    Catherine palace - Saint Peterburg

    New video made with Mavic Pro... please subscribe on my youtube channel
  4. Goldie

    Moscow from above

    New video of Moscow taken with Phantom 4, Mavic PRO and OSMO Mobile...
  5. airwolfe777

    Just Got The Mavic Pro - Check Out My 2nd Flight - Denver, CO!

    Hey guys I just got the Mavic Pro Kit - check out my shots from yesterday! Downtown Denver, Pepsi Center, Sports Authority Field, Coors Field --
  6. W

    Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 pro +

    Ok I have just received my P4 Pro + and added it to my small fleet. I currently have an Inspire 2, mavic and as Mentioned P4Pro. The question I pose: Do I NEED both the mavic and P4P, or is the P4Pro the way to go???? Any and all help appreciated... I do have my 107 and use them...