1. victorymike

    2017 11-10 Sugarloaf Mountain to Hogback Mountain after a snowstorm

    After the snow yesterday and last night we put on our Yaktrax and hiked up Sugarloaf Mountain to take in the view. Michelle and I took some pictures and I flew my drone all the way to Hogback Mountain and back. MJ had fun playing in the snow. It was a great day.
  2. victorymike

    Snowstorm 4-11-17

    Our weather during the last 4 days has been crazy! One day it is 68 degrees and sunny, the next is 54 and 70+mph winds that snapped 70 power poles. And yesterday we had a high of 34 and 7 inches of heavy wet snow. But it sticks to all the trees and is quite I got my drone out...
  3. victorymike

    Little Presque Isle

    Today was a relatively nice day...especially this late in November. But that is going to change tonight with winds up to 60 mph and rain that changes over to snow in shovelable amounts. So I took advantage of the weather and rode my motorcycle to Little Presque Isle to fly my drone and enjoy the...
  4. victorymike

    Hogback Mountain, Marquette Michigan

    Today was a great day for another 5.5 mile hike (round-trip) to Hogback Mountain...60 and sunny. Its hard to believe that it is November 13th in Marquette Michigan. When MJ (he's 4) and I got to the top we had a little picnic and I flew my drone. Winds were fairly calm until we got to the top...