mapping software

  1. W

    (ask) about DroneDeploy for 3D Mapping

    Hi everyone. i just wanna ask about drone deploy. i use P4 first, for free user they only give us 500images to upload on they server to make project or something. and my question is, if i have 300Hectare to be change to 3D images (detail constuction) it will be take more than 500images right ...
  2. paulgodard

    Offline affordable mapping software

    Hi everyone, I fly a P4P and so far, I have only successfully used DD to take aerial photos of a 2 km2 field. From South Africa (at least from my location) it is impossible to use clouds service to process the images and create the map (e.g. from 450 images). I am currently testing Pix4Mapper...
  3. J

    Best Software to Stich Low Overlap Photos

    Good evening all. I’m looking for some advice after making a pricey and stupid mistake of flying a tad too low over stockpiles, and now have stitching difficulties due to the overlap decreasing at the highest parts of the Stockpiles. Has anyone had any success with processing low overlap photos...
  4. Nick Wenzel

    DJI GS Pro 3D Mapping?

    Hi everyone, I'm going to be doing a job soon with my P4 where I am hoping to take photos of a house from different angles over the course of 30 weeks. I have just discovered the dji Ground Station Pro app for the iPad, and the 3D mapping tool seems very useful for the job. My two questions are...
  5. Kara Murphy

    Interesting Read on Mapping Large Areas

    I've been doing a lot of photography and video. As I study for Part 107, I'm looking into mapping. This is an interesting piece going through the workflow of mapping large areas:
  6. W

    Aerial mapping software advice - pix4D ? Advice please

    Hi - I need to do some mapping with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Just basic maps of wildlife reserves from multiple images. I've had a go with the free pix4D app and it's really good: Mission_00002_0001 by Pix4D SA. - 3D model Does anyone know of any other software that works with this model of...
  7. JC Johnson

    Mapping software

    Question: Can someone explain how the mapping software works (readers digest)? And do you use that software instead of DJI Go app to fly drone? Thanks in advance for all help.
  8. G

    Strange surface model

    Bizarro Model 1 by Geoffrey Goeggel posted Mar 11, 2016 at 6:58 AM[/GALLERY Very strange model. Map service (Propeller) can't fix it?