manual mode

  1. A

    Auto landing & manual switch (Dronedeploy)

    We had a successful P4P first flight with dronedeploy app mission just now, everything went smoothly right from auto takeoff and auto landing, all images captured and are in sequence etc. A couple of questions: 1) While auto-landing, the sticks would still work so that we can nudge and...
  2. B

    Tips on how to use manual mode

    Hello everyone, I own a P4 and it has been few weeks that I am trying to make more professional-looking videos shooting in d-log, manual mode with nd-filters. However, because I am in Ireland where the sky is always cloudy but pretty bright while the terrain is very dark, I always end up...
  3. D

    Video 120p

    I made video in 120p, but image is really not sharp as 50p or 4K. I did some tests in auto, and manual by adjusting the shutter speed 120 and 240 but without result. What do you think about?
  4. F

    Manual Flight Mode...Is there not one for the 4k?

    I read a posting on another site that said that the closest mode to manual that you have one the 4k Phantom 3 is Atti? Is that true? I'm having a hard time confirming. I checked the User Manual and couldn't find Manual Mode maybe that's my confirmation.
  5. NotARubicon

    What is this meter in the manual photo settings?

    When switched to manual photo settings at the bottom of the ISO and shutter speed, right under "M.M" there is a number and a scale. What is this number and the scale?