1. Ripper7620

    The Manfrotto pack is almost perfect...

    but it doesn't have a water bottle net, how on earth did they forget that!? FWIW, you can still fit a smaller one in a side pocket, but what a major oversight. First world problem to be sure. However, it's otherwise near perfect after cutting the waist and chest harnesses off. there's basically...
  2. Ripper7620

    Any fans of the Manfrotto backpack?

    I finally broke down and ordered one due to having just installed the Titan Atlas antenna system, and needing the extra room. I got the Manfrotto over the Ultimaxx, mainly because it looks so much more well designed and put together. The tolerances look much better than the Ultimaxx, and by...
  3. I

    Tested out the Manfrotto P4P Back-pack

    Tested out the Manfrotto P4P Back-pack. Impressed on the quality & the volume you can get in. What are you using?
  4. T

    Will Manfrotto D1 fit Maxxuav Evo....?

    Hi all, Considering the Manfrotto D1. Wondering if anyone knows if it will fit the Evo without disassembling? Not looking for 'It might' or 'The XYZ2000 definitely does' :P - looking for someone who has direct experience with both devices to give a definitive answer. Many thanks
  5. SoCalDude

    Local Store for Backpacks

    I'm interested in a Phantom 4 backpack and have narrowed my choices down to the Lowepro 450 and the Manfrotto D1 (yes, I know about the P4 battery pouches). Is there a local store anywhere in southern California that carries either of these in stock so that I can go and look at it (and possible...
  6. davoud

    Manfrotto Phantom Backpack For Sale

    This one: Buy Phantom Backpack | DJI Store. Brand new, as in unused, in original box/plastic wrap. My experience with my P4 tells me I am unlikely to need it. Located in Gambrills, Maryland, in case you are close enough to come and inspect personally. DJI Price: $329. Your price $250...