1. Avocet

    Maine Coast: Cape Elizabeth Light

    I find filming the lighthouses a challenge, often more than a mile out to sea and the aeria perspective is refreshing. This one was closer but on private property.
  2. T

    Maine Coast in Winter (P4Pro - 4K 60fps)

    Some footage I put together from a trip to Maine. All clips were shot with a Phantom 4 Pro at 60fps. All critiques welcome!
  3. Avocet

    The Ultimate Summer Home ...

    This former lighthouse is now a summer home .. if you have 4k of course, please use it. HD res will work too but ... Henricks Head Light, Beach & Harbor ...
  4. Avocet

    Have all these light houses around ...

    .... might as well film them I 'spose ...
  5. chipchopper

    Hello from Maine

    New P4P+ owner first flight Sat 1/14/17. Everything seemed to work as advertised. Very smooth and stable.
  6. AAPhoto

    Forts Baldwin and Popham, Phippsburg, ME

    Hi everyone, Last weekend, I took the P3P out on a cloudy day in hopes that there wouldn't be many people at Fort Popham so I could capture some aerial footage. Here is what I was able to walk away with between rain showers. Hope you enjoy it!