1. M

    No Liveview - Broken component on Mainboard - Black covered piece (Crystal/ Quratz?)

    Hello everyone QUESTIONs: What is the broken Part? Where can I find the replacement part? Context and background information: Last year I crashed my P3P into a tree... My gimbal broke into pieces and I had to repair it. The Drone works again, can fly, has a functional gimbal and can record...
  2. E

    A Fix For a Broke Compass Connector

    Hi all, I have a broken compass Connector. It is totally broke off the Main board. I do not have it or the compass wire. Is there a way to fix it inexpensively? I can solder well, if I know what I need and what the pinout is.
  3. B

    WTB: P3P ESC Mainboard

    I am looking for a good mainboard for a P3P. I purchased one that had been crashed and burnt one of the motors up. Replaced the motor but still getting ESC error. Thanks, Robert
  4. Aldo962

    Self-repairing Phantom 3 Standard after crash

    Hello all I live in italy so I am in CE mode (don't know if it matters). I had a hard crash with the right rear propeller hitting the cable at the top of a power line pilon (the one not carrying electricity) and dropping from 37 meters. This about 3 weeks ago and tried to repair the bird myself...
  5. R

    Replacing the FC300S MAINBOARD V7 PCBA

    After months of flawless flying I ended up finding a tree limb that dropped my phantom 15 feet to the pavement. I repaired all the obvious damage but had Attitude Error so I mailed it back to DJI. This was their repair estimate (below) I tried to find the board online but cant seem to locate...