1. FlyingCircles

    WOW- Compass Error Thread Just Deleted- What's Up?

    A recent thread about Compass Error and how to fix or reset the compass sensor using a magnetic degausser has been deleted. The topic was gaining a lot of interest and appeared to share knowledge about some of the issues that many Phantom owners are experiencing. Now I wonder if a sensitive...
  2. CleethorpesKid

    Magnetic Field Interference out of the box: Compass 1 Disconnected

    Hi, I set up my P4P yesterday, and no matter where I take it, I get the "Magnetic Field Interference" warning. I've searched and can't find any helpful information with regard to cures. I had already used the Assistant software to ensure all firmware is up to date and matching. As a former...
  3. F

    Professional Limp Roll on Gimbal

    P3P, boots up and operates fine almost all of the time. In cooler temperatures (15ºC is the warmest I've seen it happen) the ROLL on the camera gimbal goes limp. The gimbal seems to be functioning normally except it hangs to the left side. Tilt/Pan are fine, the roll just continually makes a...