1. Impax Films

    Newby here. Can I use my PS4 controller for a sim program? Which one?

    Greetings all. I'm hoping you all can point me to some solutions for practicing a simulator before I buy a drone to fly. And yes, I will be buying one in the near future for my existing film/video business (also my photography). I'm a pro photographer, getting into more video now. So...
  2. Paulie1340

    Problems with MicroSD card

    I've taken about 6GB of videos on my P3S, lots of fun to watch and posted a few online for friends to see. I have been able to reference the chip, read the chip in the Mac's chip reader, copy files off the chip onto my Mac. Of course, my 8GB chip is nearly full so I want to delete the whole...
  3. D

    Screen mirroring of DJI App Android or iPhone to macbook

    Can anyone help me ? i wanna see my live Video footage on my Macbook and not my iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. I tried using BlueStacks and I was able to download the app and run it. The problem is, that i can't connect the RC to my Macbook or just don't know how to do it.
  4. BenjiAlpineP3p

    Phantom / Inspire Macbook FPV Solved! / Tutorial

    Dear Phantom and Inspire Owners, After allot of web research and two weeks of testing I have finally found and tested a reliable working solution / signal flow for us to use our Macbooks as FPVs with amazing monitoring possibilities. The biggest two problems when approaching this topic are...
  5. U

    It can't be this hard to get my footage?!

    Hi guys, I have never owned a drone before and just got this P3S as a early Xmas gift from the gf. Its my 3rd day and I am comfortable taking off, controlling and landing and I already have some amazing footage. I now want to use Final Cut to edit them and make a video for Youtube. I have been...