1. spiritburner

    Trying to identify model of Drone

    The other day I was given a Phantom unopened box with a untouched drone in it, it was a present for someone who apparently didn't want it, well i am a landscape and surveying photographer and would very much like some help in identifying which model phantom it is, I think it is a 1 , Its brand...
  2. H

    live video editing from dji phantom 4

    Hi. I need to record the footage from my DJI phantom 4 live in to a macbook pro retina 15 inch to make a live video edition during the flight. If any one have an idea of how to do it it will be really helpful. thank you very much for your help!
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  5. A

    College football stadium with GRAY turf!!

  6. E

    Help With Videos

    Hello, I am asking for help with this issue because I cant figure out what else to do. I recently went on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation and took some great videos (MOV Files) with my P4P. When I got home I tried to transfer the videos to my MacBook pro using the SD card adapter and many of them...
  7. 28wins

    Installing and using DJI Assistant 2 in Mac OS

    With a brand new look on things (first time doing this), I wasn't too impressed with the process of using DJI Assistant 2 on Mac OS X. The .dmg file for Ver. 1.0.4 is available on DJI's download page: DJI Phantom 4 – Specs, FAQ, Tutorials and Downloads and is compatible Mac OS 10.6 (Snow...
  8. I

    P3 4K not connecting USB to Mac

    Brand new P34K and mac running 10.11.3 Just upgraded from the standard 3... Shot some 4K video and can view it all in the app. but cannot get it to show up on my mac. I know its recognizing the cable being plugged in because when I plug it in, the camera drops to point straight down from being...
  9. U

    It can't be this hard to get my footage?!

    Hi guys, I have never owned a drone before and just got this P3S as a early Xmas gift from the gf. Its my 3rd day and I am comfortable taking off, controlling and landing and I already have some amazing footage. I now want to use Final Cut to edit them and make a video for Youtube. I have been...
  10. S

    Downloading flight data using a Mac.

    I also posted this on the DJI Forum - So far no answer When connecting the Phantom 3 Pro to the "aircraft micro USB port", not the camera port, in order to download flight data, my iMac does not "see" the aircraft. When I connect it to my PC it does and I can download the .dat files. I noticed...