loses signal

  1. N

    Camera connection drops

    Dear great people, I'm struggeling with a freaking anoying problem. I'm happy owner of a second hand phantom 3 pro but the connection of camera keeps dropping.. When I stand next to it and shake it a bit it drops same for when it's in the air when I reach a height that's not allowed it looks...
  2. Ckcampbell248

    I had my first heart-stopping moment (and I made it through)

    TL;DR - Lost signal and my drone returned to home but I wasn't there. Had to go back to my point of origin to recover. Found it and all is well. Skip to the end for my questions. For the whole story, read on. This weekend my family and I participated in a local walk for charity. One of the...
  3. E

    DJI Phanton 2 flashing green, later on loses signal with remote

    I bought a second hand DJI Phantom 2 and i was flying it for the first time and ran into 1 strange thing and 1 major issue 1- I initiate the compass calibrate , turn around and it becomes green. Then i put the drone on the floor and it seems to be solid green then 2 seconds later flashes green...