log analysis

  1. meierjoe

    Phantom 3 Standard Fly Away. Where is it ?

    Hey everyone, today something terrible happened. My Dji Phantom 3 Standard flew away. I was filming some really nice empty buildings in east Germany from outside and I wanted it to return to home but somehow it had another RTH point. It logged 2 flights even though i did only one. Then it just...
  2. L

    New log website, http://logmydrones.com

    Hey guys, I would like to invite you to check out the product of my work for the past few months :) I know there are several websites out there visualizing and analyzing the log files, but as a programmer I thought it would be fun to try to create something on my own. The site is completely...
  3. M

    P3P flies gently into oblivion

    I was flying my P3P on my birthday, the 14th, in an unfamiliar area. Using Autopilot, I laid out a waypoint mission for it. Launched drone to 220 feet and hovered while I climbed to the third floor landing of our apt building. Ran checklists, engaged, mission uploaded, drone set off on mission...